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What is OptionRally?

OptionRally is a binary option trading company that has surfaced to the industry about two years ago. Since its emergence, it shined and proved to have a prominent existence worldwide. OptionRally has built itself a client base that is decorated with a global variety. The simplicity of the website and its focus on an easy platform is an attraction to many clients, especially those who wish to gain profit but seem to lack the experience. The clients of the company advance in its hierarchy step by step which makes it very simple for everyone. The clients begin with a welcome team representative then make their way to an account manager whose expertise will benefit their welfare.

OptionRally is more than just a medium to provide tools for traders to walk on the path of success and wealth, it is also a community. This community offers opportunities for all clients to speak out their ideas and ambitions and develop them into profitable strategies. This is all handed to the clients from the advanced system OptionRally has embedded within its platform. Clients receive the help of licensed personal brokers to discuss and make financial decisions that lead to satisfactory results. OptionRally's top notch personal brokers are available all the time to help clients make decisions concerning the market. The one-on-one sessions with the personal brokers propels the chances of success. In addition, the personal brokers are in constant contact with all their clients in some form or the other - whether phone or e-mail.

Platforms & Technical Support

OptionRally offers different services and methods of trading, all of which can be fitted to different types of traders. The company manages five platforms that guarantee a satisfactory dose of winning to both beginners and seasoned traders.

- Regular Binary options platform
- One Touch
- Option builder
- 60 seconds
- Binary Meta

Investors can either open positions with what is given to them or choose to tailor their own trades and taste.

It is worthy to note that OptionRally understands the needs of its clients to be connected with its highly trained professionals. For that reason, the staff of the company has made it possible for the support team to be available on three different mediums for 24/7 client interaction:

- Live Chat System
- Phone
- E-mail

The support team is a group of highly skilled individuals whose knowledge of the platform and methods of trading enables them to assist customers in need any time of the day.


OptionRally is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland; however, it is present in other eminent areas of the world. OptionRally occupies a few spots in Europe and a few in the Arabic world. The company has European spots in the UK, Spain, and Turkey in addition to Bahrain and Dubai in the gulf area. The company also has a base in the Australian continent.

In addition to operating in different countries, the OptionRally platform is also profound in its existence. OptionRally does not only operate on standard internet browsers but also maintains two excellent platforms for Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices.

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